Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day six....and still in Puebla

Today was spent gathering things we needed for the rest of the trip like extra bearings and things. So we found a mechanic just about a block from our hotel and he was kind enough to come and help us take the wheel apart and find the bearing size. He got the bearings off and it was time to head out to the parts shop....which we thought was his shop....we were wrong. Anyways Joey, the mechanic, and I take of driving towards the parts shop and the policĂ­a pull is over. Very long story shortened they "fined" aka bribed us to give ten dollars (which would have been more had the mechanic not been there) for two tickets (there just so happened to be two officers hence the two tickets).....still have no clue what we did wrong....pretty sure we didn't do anything wrong. Well we got to the parts store and we had to park a little ways from it in front of a store entrance. So I had go with the mechanic in the store while Joey waited with the car, the mechanic was so funny and protective of me....he wouldn't let me walk next to the road in the sidewalk lol. We got the parts and headed back to the hotel to put the tire back on, and can safely say that our bearings are in excellent condition and once we receive the tire tomorrow we are good to go!

We have fought off and on with customs all afternoon but we are hopeful that we should get the tire tomorrow. Please pray that we are able to get the tire and be on the road tomorrow and that we have no problems once on the road.

Love to all

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