Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day eight.....another blow out.

Well we had another crazy day,we left our hotel this morning and went on our way and about 20 min down the road we blew another tire...that's 3 total. We got out quick to change the tire and our jack wouldn't work. Again we were on a very busy hwy and trucks were rushing by. So dad decided that we need to go buy another jack and just as Joey and I were going to leave with Kylee we heard a popping noise (like fire crackers or gun shots), so we left as fast as we could not wanting to leave mom and dad. Right as we got to autozone dad called me and asked if we were back because there was someone walking around the trailer, I told dad no and he said he would find out who it was, come to find out it was a man on a bike trying to flag traffic away for us. The man on the bike stood in the hot sun with a white hand towel telling the oncoming traffic to move over he stayed there till we finished, dad called him our angel on a bicycle. My heart was racing and all I wanted to do was to be back with mom and dad. We bought the jack and brought it to them. As soon as we got back Joey started working to change the tire, then the policia showed up and we thought it was going to be a problem. It was two officers with ak47's and they were the two nicest men I have met. They told dad that they were there for our protection and would not leave till we left. They went on to tell us that the popping we had heard was in fact gun shots and that it was a bad area. Bear in mind we had stayed the night in this town....God has taken such amazing care of us!! We got the tire fixed and they helped us get back on the road. We have figured out that the tires are getting to hot causing them to expand so now we are going to have to stop every 45 min or so and check them and let them cool down (it was 103 here today). This could not even begin to describe how afraid and stressed we were and it does not paint an accurate picture of today. All I know is we are thankful that the policia showed up and patrolled around us, and our angel on a bike kept traffic from coming over on us!!

We went the rest of the way to Villahermosa and are here now resting till morning. We will need to leave very early so we don't have to drive at night tomorrow. Please continue to pray we are in the home stretch with only one spare left. We could not be more thankful to God for His protection over us!


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