Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day five....looking around puebla!

Today since we are still in Puebla we decided to look around a little bit. First of all there are a lot of stereotypes about Mexico, it's not safe, it's very dangerous, be cautious with the people there, etc. well allow me to be the first to announce 90% of those warnings are wrong. Now, don't get me wrong if you are wandering the streets at night in a bad part of town or hanging out in a trucker town something bad could very well happen. But isn't that true in America too? If you head down into the streets of Chicago at night you might see some stuff that you really ought not to be seeing. I guess the point is if you do something stupid, something stupid might happen to you, sorry if that sounds harsh but it is what it is. The people of Mexico are amazing,they are sweet and helpful, today Joey and dad were driving and got lost they asked a taxi driver where our hotel was and he lead them back to the hotel (several miles away) at no charge. Everyone has been so nice and they all just want to talk and get to know us, I love it!

We had a realization today that our last name in Spanish is escuelas (schools), while our last name is already an odd name in English it is extremely funny in Spanish. The folks here laugh so hard every time we tell them our name. Mine and kylees name have no translation into Spanish but it's funny....Pepito Escuelas lol, everyone cracks up when they hear it. We came to realize about our name while talking to a man who lives in Mexico City who gave us some awesome information about which route we should take when we leave here (one more crazy big mountain to go).

Kylee is loving getting out and about in the town and talking to EVERYONE she sees, I love hearing her speak spanish it is simply adorable. Today she asked "is this really what mexico looks like", we said yes and she said "I'm so happy we are here". You have no clue how happy I am to hear those words come out of her mouth, as a momma you worry if your baby will be happy, or miss being in America, well I'm happy to report she is gonna be just fine here!

Now for the exciting news (I saved the best for last), there is a volcano erupting in Puebla! Now before anyone gets worried, it's only ashes and small spurts of lava. They said its a stage yellow 3 I think, anyways they too us up on the roof tonight and we got to take some pictures, you can't see the volcano very well for all the ashes. But still super cool! As of right now nobody has had to be evacuated and they are thinking it will just die down.

We'll keep y'all in the know!


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