Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day seven......weak but not broken

Today was a very emotional and stressful day, we were able to get the tire this morning praise The Lord, we did have to pay duty fees on it which is very frustrating. As soon as we went to go jack up the trailer the jack broke, luckily there was a Walmart pretty near buy and we were able to buy a new jack. We got everything packed up and left the hotel around 12:30, but we got detoured due to construction in Puebla and ended up not getting out of there till 1:30. It was about a 2 hour drive over the last of our mountains, it was steep and very curvy, but we were able to get down them with no problems.

About 30 min later we here a pop and think we blew a tire on our car, but what happened was the pins holding our lift gate on the trailer popped out and our gate fell down. Thankfully we were able to get it held closed with an extra ratchet we had. About 30 min after that we realized that two of our tubs had fallen off the trailer somewhere and we could not go back to look for them because it was a very busy hwy and it wouldn't have been safe. Right now I am praying that it is my stuff and not Kylee's (we have a manifest and will know when we reach chetumal). we told her that it was not her stuff and while I understand I may have lied to her, if you could have seen the look on her face as we drove off with her knowing some of our stuff was missing you would agree my lie was justified....I honestly didn't know what else to do. We tried explaining that we would replace anything that was missing, and that didn't help much. Just as I felt as lost as I could feel I hear Kylee singing from the backseat "I will bring praise, I will bring praise, no weapon formed against me shall remain", that is a song by hillsong called "the desert song", if you have not heard it I urge you to.

"This is my prayer in the desert when all that with in me feels dry, this is my prayer in my hunger and need my God is the God who provides. And this is my prayer in the fire in weakness or trial and pain, there is a faith proved of more with than gold so refine me Lord through the flame. I will bring praise I bring praise no weapon formed against me shall remain. I will rejoice I will declare God is my victory and He is here......all of my life in every season You are still God and I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to Worship"

There is a lot more to the song, but today this part hits home. We have gone through so much on this trip, and I know that satan wants us to stop, because then the Word of God will not be spread in to this part of the world. But for everything satan has thrown at us God has provided and blessed ten fold. In our weakness and trials and pain right now we know our Faith is strong enough to move mountains and we serve a God that will help us push them! We will not be broken or torn down by satan, we have every reason to worship, praise, and serve God no matter what the circumstance. We know that whatever is in those tubs God will provide a way for us to replace it and maybe, just maybe it will be a blessing to someone who finds it. We are thankful to God for our safety, and that is what is most important to us!

Thank you again for your prayers!


P.S. we drove till about 11:00 pm tonight because right now we are in a stretch of road that hotels are few and far between. This was our first time having to drive at night, it was not fun, there are no street lights and lots of cars. We hope to not have to drive at night again!

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  1. What is your time zone? God bless you and your family for your faithfulness.