Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day four.....and stranded

Well folks since we had to use our spare yesterday and NO tire store had them, we are stranded in Puebla (driving over a very large mountain with no spare is not very smart). Thankfully with the help of Linwood Smith, a M.E.I. bored member, brother in Christ, grandfather figure to me, and a man who has been there for our family since before I was born, we are getting a tire shipped from the states. We are so very blessed and extremely thankful for his help, and we expect to be back on the road by Friday (we hope).

While being stranded isn't great for our travel time it is very nice on our bodies (and vehicles), Kylee is enjoying just being able to run around, play, and swim! We are also getting to spend a lot of time speaking Spanish, which is great, I can't wait to be able to just talk without hesitating.

On that note I have a very funny story to tell y'all! So I've been trying to get mom to use the Spanish that she knows, but she just doesn't feel confident. So yesterday I was telling her that when I don't know a word I say "como se dice" (how do you say) and point to what I wanna know the word for. As silly as that sound they respect the fact that I'm trying to learn. Anyways, so today mom was trying to get a box of Kleenex's from the lady at the hotel, so not knowing how to communicate that (and wanting to use more spanish) mom held up the Kleenex box and said proudly "como se dice" and the lady looked at her, chuckled and said "Kleenex". Bless my moms heart she can't catch a break...the one word she tries to learn is the same in English and Spanish lol.

We will continue to keep everyone up to date with everything going on! Just keep those prayers coming!

Hasta luego

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