Monday, June 24, 2013

One proud mama!

We met a man not to long ago and his 4 year old son is in the hospital here with leukemia, they also have a 2 year old little girl who spends most of her time sitting at the hospital waiting. We had talked to the family today and they told us their son, Erik was going back for new treatment tomorrow. Kylee heard us talking to them and decided she wanted to give him a gift. So shortly after she came down stairs with a basket full of toys. I thought most of these toys would be things she didn't want or what have you, but I was very wrong. My daughter came to us with a basket of her most prized possession, a batman costume that she puts on daily, her favorite Christmas present a remote control helicopter from her uncle Justin and aunt Jecka (Jessica), a rapunzel baby doll (for the sister who is bored at the hospital), and much much more. I was in awe to see her wanting to give this stuff away, and thinking that she might not realize that if she gave it to him she wouldn't get it back I explained to her what she was talking about doing, but still she insisted. My dad begin to say "it's ok Kylee we can get him something you don't have to give your stuff we know its your favorite", and in the sweetest voice you could imagine she begin to explain to us "guys he has to sit in a hospital bed all day and can't get up so he can fly the helicopter, and batman is so tough I bet he loves super heroes, and his sister is very bored sitting there all day so she will need toys". By now we were all in tears, how could someone so young be so giving? I can tell you right now I have never in my life been so proud! God most certainly blessed us with a little girl who has a servants heart!

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