Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little update on my shoulder

I've had a few people ask about what's going on with my shoulder so I thought I would update everyone. Over 3 years ago I had surgery to repair my torn rotator cuff it took me months to recover from the surgery but I haven't had any real pain since. I occasionally have some aches in it but nothing that a couple ibuprofen can't handle. Well almost a week ago I started having intense piercing pain in my shoulder which took me by surprise. I started ibuprofen and icing it and it didn't seem to help, so I called my physical therapist to see if they had the name of the surgical group who did my surgery (cut me some slack it's been over 3 years and have slept a few times since then). Well they had switched to a new filing system so they didn't have a clue, but I talked to the PT there who said it didn't seem normal, but could be a flare up and to try ice and ibuprofen (been there done that). He told me to do some PT exercises and give it a few days and if it wasn't better I was going to have to call the Dr and get advice, which would be great if I knew who the Dr was. The PT also told me that while the Dr here in Mexico might be fine they will almost certainly try to get me to have surgery wether needed or not, sad but VERY true fact. You see surgeries bring more money, and if a "clean up" surgery won't hurt me why not get me to do it (even if it won't help). 

Anyways, it's been almost a week and I haven't seen any improvement, thankfully today I found a file box with the MRI results of my surgery which had the name of my Dr on it.....Score! So tomorrow morning I am calling to see what they say....of course it will take me 15 min to explain that I am in Mexico and I can't just swing by to talk and that's why my phone reception isn't great. Hopefully they can give me some advice on what to do next, cause this ain't no fun, and ain't nobody got time for that!

I'll let y'all know what I find out but keep me in your prayers!

Much Love 

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