Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter, eggs, and a beach photo shoot

So we did a little Easter egg hunting at home this year which was so much! I so wish I had a picture of her coming into the living room to see the eggs hidden....her face was priceless. We also colored some eggs which gets more fun as she gets older, she is starting to experiment with mixing colors and its so neat to her her talk about the new color she made. After Church on Sunday we made a little trip over towards the beach and took some photos. So I wanted to share some pics on here.

As far as our move....wow.....what to say? Well it's getting closer, and we can't wait!! There is still so much to get done but we are working hard on it all. Please keep us in your Prayers as we finish up everything during our last month in the States......wow....our last month in the states!

Love Always

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