Thursday, April 11, 2013

It will all be worth it!

As most people know already I am gearing up for my first half IronMan 70.3 miles (please note I put "first" because I think I might do another one....sorry Joey). This has been a crazy experience, I have trained and pushed my body to limits I NEVER thought it could reach. I'm very proud of how far I have come, and am nervous about how far I still have to go. Right now I am in a "rest" period of my training meaning, I have cut back on my intense training for one month and then I start the home stretch of 4 months of working my tail off.

Now as some of you may not know I am ultra competitive, I can't help it, I don't even know how to turn it off. As embarrassing as this is to say I find myself checking the race roster often to find out how many girls there are in my age bracket (insane...I know). Now don't get me wrong I don't think I am going to qualify for the world championship or anything...but....I can dream of placing, can't I?

I am blessed with one amazing support system, my family goes out of there way to help me have time to train....they are simply awesome! My poor husband has been told more times than he can count that "this is gonna be my last race" or "I'm never gonna do that again", he just smiles and says "sure" and then buckles in for the next race season. I can only hope that I am as supportive of him as he is of me.

This whole experience has been so much fun (and awful at the same time), and I'm really glad that I'm doing it. I strongly urge everyone to do something that pushes you to new limits and breaks you out of your comfort zone, i promise you wont regret it. There is a saying that i absolutely love because it pretty much sums up how I feel:

It will hurt.
It will take time.
It will require dedication.
It will require will power.
You will need to make healthy decisions.
It requires sacrifice.
You will need to push your body to the max.
There will be temptation.
But, I promise you, when you reach your goal,

I can't wait to earn that title IronMan! It's gonna feel good!!

Ps still packing....and we will be heading towards Mexico the first week of May!!!

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