Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Mommy are we selling this? Or taking it with us?"

I have said many times before that God knew what He was doing when He gave us Kylee. She is our perfect angel, she is kind, loving, caring, and loves God with all her little heart. It takes a very special person to be able to travel and adjust to new cultures and Kylee is one of those people. She really does love the adventure of going some place new and meeting new people(she is her poppy at heart). So naturally when we started talking to her about moving to Mexico she was excited! She loves Mexico and enjoys speaking Spanish a lot.

We were at the Mexican embassy the other day getting some info and it was me, dad, and Kylee, let me just set the scene for you.........you walk through a door into a medal detector and then to a desk where two "security" guards tell you to sign in (which we still have no clue what we were signing in for because the guard spoke less English than I do Spanish). You then make your way into a large room with tons (at least 50) people sitting in chairs none of which spoke English. So we go and take a seat (again not sure of what we are waiting on) and about 15 min later a man comes in the room and says something in Spanish really fast (I caught good afternoon and visas), by this time I was pretty sure we were being deported but we just sat there. Soon people started getting up and going to a window to talk to a cashier and I thought how do they know when it was their turn? Just as I was about to go see if maybe it was our turn at the window a man came in and asked how he could help us....saved by the gentlemen who spoke English! Now you might be wondering what any of that story has to do with Kylee, well the entire hour that we were there she used EVERY Spanish word she knew (even if it was in the wrong context). She loves people so much, she wants to talk and interact with everyone she meets no matter the language barrier, age difference, or cultural differences. Those are the exact qualities a missionary needs!

God instilled in her so many characteristics that would be such great assets in her life, even little things like being willing to try new foods, that's not something your average 3 year old does. She also "almost" never complains, when we travel and are in a car or plane for long periods of time she just goes with the flow and is very content. But I think my favorite trait of hers is her encouragement. She can lift a spirit so quickly! She is always smiling and knows the perfect thing to say, she loves to tell you how great you're doing and ask how she can help. I love to listen to her tell people what we do, it usually goes something like this: "we do mission work and my poppy rescues kids, we travel a lot I've been to Trinidad, Costa Rica, and Mexico....And we are moving to Mexico" then people look to me to tell them the truth (because they assume this big tale she told must be a lie). My favorite is when she says "we do mission work and I'm the helper!". She is so excited to serve God, and I am beyond thankful that I get to serve Him beside her! Love you KyKy!

Love always
One very proud mama

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